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Ariane shares valuable life skills for young kids, parents and educators, through her books, articles, talks and podcast.

After more than a decade teaching life skills to grown ups, through her books, coaching and speaking around the world, Ariane noticed that all our wounds as grown ups, trace back to when we are kids! She is now actively working to help raise the future generation now by imparting life skills for young kids and for their parents, grandparents, teachers or anyone who has the privilege to raise our tiny humans!

Skills such as intuition, self -kindness, emotional fitness, meditation and breathing, change, contribution and being connected to something greater than our egos, are some of her current focus.

Ariane de Bonvoisin with Students

Schools / Educators

Ariane works with schools and teachers in the US and worldwide. She has done readings and fun workshops with kids and educators. She has also done speeches for the ASBO (Association of School Business Officials) and has keynoted at Board of Education events. She is very keen to do more in the education arena and hopes to bring more life skills into school curriculums very soon.


Ariane coaches parents through important stages in their children’s lives.  She is available for individual sessions or ongoing help with overall conscious parenting tools.

Themes that can be addressed include:

  • Emotional regulation
  • Raising kids with a positive mindset
  • More loving forms of discipline
  • Solutions for behavioral challenges
  • True self esteem for kids
  • Developing inner self talk
  • Handling life changes
  • Spiritual tools for young kids
  • Tools for happy and calm parents
If every child could feel and receive the incredible wisdom and nurturing that Ariane, her work and beautiful books bring, the world would be a much more loving and peaceful place.
Shira Newmark
Progressive Early Education specialist, Founding Blue School Teacher
Every child has a right to experience joy. The joy they were born with should always be nurtured. Ariane and her books are a gift to them and to the world.
Goldie Hawn
Actress & Founder of MindUP

TED Talk: The Skills We Need To Teach Our Kids

Ariane did a TED talk in NYC on her latest passion: empowering kids to be happy, healthy and conscious by sharing life skills that are vitally important for parents and teachers to be focusing on.

Ariane is very committed to help raise happy, healthy and empowered kids. She wrote a best selling book series for kids, Giggles and Joy, that started this mission.

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