“Ariane inspired our employees with her positive attitude and thoughtful advice. She’s a great speaker for any group looking to motivate and inspire their employees.”
“Ariane inspired us to think about how we can apply the 9 principles of change to any aspect of our lives. We had a jam-packed room, thought provoking questions and meaningful answers. We can all learn a thing or two from Ariane.”
Rachael O`Meara
“Our organization is in the midst of rapid growth and evolution on many fronts. We were fortunate to have Ariane join us at our global corporate conference and share The 9 Principles of Change with our group. She delivered the presentation with a wonderful energy, sharing personal reflections alongside quantitative research, which made for a very powerful message. It resonated very well with our group, and I only wish we’d had more time for a deeper dive and interactive workshop with her..”
Alexandra Zalec​​​​
Global Vice President, Fix Network
“When Ariane de Bonvoisin speaks, you listen – everyone listens. She has the commanding presence of a natural leader, delivering words of wisdom with compassion, integrity, humor and authenticity. Audiences love her – a caring friend, a dedicated teacher, an inspiring, transformational thinker…she blows wind into everyone’s sails.”
Sharlene Schneier
“Extraordinary Events…Conversations With Inspirational People”
“Ariane was by far the best speaker of our lineup this year at INEX. She engaged the entire audience and managed to connect with each person on a personal level throughout her talk. As organizers we felt like we hit a home run by selecting such an incredibly dynamic but very personal speaker that appealed to the left brains and right brains in the room.”
Anna Kirk
Bader Rutter
"Ariane's philosophy and insights about the privilege and responsibility it is to raise other humans in this world is both refreshing and exciting! She is an eloquent and captivating speaker, close to her subject and to her audience. Her talk, interview, and Q&A were real highlights of our festival. Her words regarding change and adaptability were especially timely and enlightening."
Cristian Movilă
Founder of Unfinished Festival
“Educators today are seeking relevant professional development opportunities. The challenge that school administrators face is choosing a speaker that can deliver a message that resonates with the majority of the attendees. Ariane has met and exceeded our expectations. Our school district was tasked with the distribution of laptops to all elementary teachers (600 +) on a Saturday morning. As everyone gathered in the auditorium, renewing friendships and speaking with colleagues, the sense of optimism was neutralized by anxiousness. However, as the audience turned their attention to Ariane, and listened to her message, the reactions varied from smiles, to laughter to tears and concluded with a standing ovation. Ariane's message of embracing change was followed by the distribution of her book "The First 30-Days". The days and weeks after this convocation the group remained to be energized, citing sequences from the book, and asking when Ariane could return so they could share the success she inspired.”
“Ariane's session at the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy was one of the highlights of the 10-day programme. Everyone in the room was touched by her own journey and sense of purpose, and inspired to find the courage to face the changes and challenges that confronted them as individuals. She shared practical pearls of wisdom, from both her stellar VC career and her new-found purpose-filled life. One of the most compelling sessions we ever had.”
“Ariane is a breath of fresh air. I recommend her to all businesses who value their staff and are committed to helping them all navigate change, whether personal or professional.”
Rebecca Smeda
John Brown Media
“One of the goals of our events is to provide an outside perspective to motivate and inspire our employees, both personally and professionally. Ariane brought an energy, passion and relatability that was felt not only by those in the room, but also from employees in remote locations around the world. She was a perfect complement to the theme of the event and helped set a foundational and positive tone we will refer back to throughout the year.”
Jim McGrann
VSP Global
“Ariane customized an impactful and inspiring message, for 1,400 Eye Care professionals attending the Dubai Conference. With her compelling experiences and expertise through the 9 principles from her bestselling book, The First 30 Days, Ariane helped them Navigate through Change in their optical businesses. Thank you for your impactful message. It was a pleasure working with you and I appreciate your flexibility to customize your message as well as adapt to the many touch points we required during our year long journey to bring this convention to Dubai. ”
Stephen Shawler
“Ariane was enlightening, entertaining and uplifting, and easily able to bond with her audience through her openness and humour. Staff were grateful to have a dynamic speaker share powerful principles. They described their engagement with Ariane as real and authentic, enabling them to make positive changes in their lives.”
Women in Business, Cape Town
“Truly inspiring and life changing, Ariane’s talk on the nine principles of change was one of the most successful and well received events hosted by our chapter of KPMG’s Network of Women. She was passionate, articulate and engaging. Ariane successfully captivated and motivated the audience as she shared every principle, every example, and every insight with profound simplicity and authenticity. ”
Anu Sethi
KPMG Network of Women Leadership Council
“At O, The Oprah Magazine's recent event our magazine hosted 5,400 people, and Ariane de Bonvoisin was one of the three speakers we had lined up, with Oprah Winfrey herself, headlining. I'd heard Ariane speak before but she really brought something so special to our event. I believe her words resonated with every woman in the room because what she had to say came from her inherent authenticity, and her desire to always speak her truth.”
Samantha Page
The Oprah Magazine
“While listening to the keynote speaker at this years Connected Women’s of North Carolina’s signature event, I was mesmerized by Arianne de Bonvoisin’s talent. She had the packed house spellbound as we journeyed with her through her story. ”
Charlotte Post
Connected Women of North Carolina Annual Event
“I had the good fortune hear Ariane de Bonvoisin speak this June at the 2013 Million Dollar Round Table meeting in Philadelphia, PA. Her presentation showed me a different perspective on handling change. After reading her book I have used the nine principals to smoothly navigate through the difficult changes and challenges I face in my business and personal life.”
William M. McNamara
Million Dollar Roundtable
“Whether speaking as part of a panel, leading a workshop, or filling in at the last minute as a keynote speaker for 5,000, our attendees have nothing but rave reviews for Ariane. It is clear that not only is she a gifted speaker who is able to connect with audiences of all sizes, but that her message is always on target.”
Jennifer DeVan Troutman
Program Director, Conferences for Women
“Ariane de Bonvoisin attended our 2010 Nestlé Nutrition National Sales Conference in Orlando Florida and provided valuable tips on how to navigate change successfully. Ariane described 9 principles of change that our sales associates are adopting in their approach to work and healthy living. One of our sales leaders utilized her book as the foundation for their quarterly sales meeting.”
Kathleen Kelly
“She’s a woman who’s going places because she’s been places. Her passion comes through as she tells her stories and makes you realize that change is your friend. Her points are valid, honest, and real. As one attendee noted, ‘she literally changed my life.”
Kimberly Lyons
Starcom MediaVest
“We invited Ariane to the Inter American Development Bank where she drew a full house of our Private Sector Women’s Council members. Her inspirational presentation provided food for thought for all attendees who were appreciative of her eloquent yet down-to-earth style as well as her fundamental, liberating message.”
Steven Puig
“Our audience loved Ariane! She is authentic and passionate about helping people navigate change. Her message resonated with our audience as we all face some of the most challenging times of change in decades. We couldn’t have made a better choice for our keynote speaker this year. Ariane was unknown to our audience prior to the luncheon, but she left with everyone feeling they had just made a best friend. Witty, poignant, direct and right on target, her speech was engaging, timely and very appropriate for our Girl Scout Women of Distinction luncheon.”
Rebecca A. Pruitt
Girls Scouts of Florida
"When the pandemic forced my company's annual meeting to move from an in-person gathering to a virtual one, I was concerned that we wouldn't be able to connect deeply or get as much out of our sessions. Ariane proved me very wrong. She made our group feel completely at ease and brought our team together in a way I never imagined possible over Zoom. We listened, we learned, we danced, and we were inspired to think about having a greater purpose. Ariane impacted our lives personally and professionally, and I'm so grateful for her insight, efforts, and leadership."
Melany Robinson
Founder and CEO Sprouthouse Agency
"It was a delight and honor to work with Ariane through each step of the conference planning process. Her presentation, “The 9 Principles of Change,” proved an invaluable element of the program. Attendees were dialed in to each point as they jotted down notes, and we received very positive feedback stating their gratitude for the opportunity to receive such applicable takeaways for not only their career but every area of their lives."
Stephanie Johnson
Director of Education, ASBO International
"Ariane was a guest speaker on the Cambridge MBA and MFin courses. Her ability to connect with an audience and her deep insight and passion for helping entrepreneurs was evident from the reactions of the students and the energy in the room during the ongoing Q&A. Her insights about the fundraising process, particularly the psychology of founders and investors as a factor influencing fundraising outcomes are invaluable. I have also recommended her as a coach to executives to manage the challenges of the entrepreneurial journey."
Dr Robert Wardrop
Faculty (Professor Level) in Management, University of Cambridge Judge Business School
“The general session speaker was possibly the best I have ever seen in my 40 year career. Excellent choice!”
School Superintendent


Many of these are anonymous to preserve the privacy of the client-coach relationship

“Ariane has been working with Union Square Ventures since Spring 2018. She assisted us in curating and facilitating an Executive Leadership program for female executives, has coached several of our founders and senior leaders, and continues to be a tremendous mentor and resource to the USV team and portfolio network.”
“I was introduced to Ariane as I was making a transition from an academic to a founding CEO of a biotech startup. I think that I hit a jackpot that day as Ariane is an embodiment of words from one of the most successful basketball coaches: “A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life”. What I didn’t know back then was that I will be building the venture through a pandemic while losing my father and fighting cancer. Ariane has walked alongside me, guiding me with her insightful, soul searching, practical and useful advice, wisdom gained through her experience, genuine care, and humanity. She helped me undergo tremendous personal and professional growth and her advice helped me grow the company, my team, and myself as a leader. Ariane was my secret weapon during my grief and cancer journey and her guidance undoubtedly has helped me through it as a human and a CEO. She is a gem who creates a remarkable impact on people's life on her path (no matter location as all our sessions are online). This recommendation is my genuine thank you to Ariane who is absolutely astonishing coach and human!”
“With absolute certainty, there is no way that I would be continuing to grow my company, team, goals, leadership style, and confidence without the guidance, wisdom, truth, logic, humor, and good nature that Ariane instills in me in every conversation we have. After all our chats, I feel like I have been given a huge dose of rocket fuel to take things to the next level. And it's fuel that really does work and get you where you need to go. I'm sincerely and forever grateful to her integral efforts and beliefs that can undoubtedly let your work and leadership soar. Deep bow to you, Ariane! Keep doing what you're doing helping others to thrive and get over their blocks & fears”
“They say that if you want to be lonely then become a CEO. I could not agree more. In past years as a founding CEO as well as a human, I went through very challenging times. Looking back it is even hard to imagine how that journey would have looked like if our investor USV would not have introduced me to Ariane. She helped me through re-structuring our company (twice), my divorce and she taught me how to make the heavy lighter. Meeting Ariane has been one of the great gifts from the Universe and helped me to learn to become a better leader, mother, woman, and better human overall. Thank you, Ariane”
“Ariane is the best thing that could have happened to us! Not only as we began the journey to launch our startup, but she has been an incredible coach and mentor on our personal and family journey as well. We’ve never met someone who’s as intuitive, focused, wise and inspirational as she is. Going through the stressful journeys of launching a business and starting a family are overwhelming on their own and embarking on both simultaneously would be nearly impossible if it weren’t for Ariane’s coaching, guidance, and mentorship. We’re so grateful to have her in our lives and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow or navigate any life changes. She’s truly the best!”
Sonam Khubani and Dan Kline
Founders of WanderCup
"Ariane De Bonvoisin is a gifted coach and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with her. I was at a difficult point in my career – I had slipped into a period of self-doubt and my outlook on the future was very constrained. I needed to work with a coach who had a strong business background as well as a deep spiritual grounding. That is exactly what Ariane brings to the table. Our work together has been nothing short of miraculous and I have taken huge strides in my career as an entrepreneur as well as in my personal life. My relationship with my family is in a wonderful place. Ariane has an uncanny ability to approach complex issues from the side, pointing out unseen impacts of my holding on to things that were no longer helpful/relevant. This has made it easy for me to quickly let go of that which no longer serves and move on to bigger things. Our time is always highly fruitful, and I have made huge strides, both with the possibility I see for myself in the world and my ability to implement that possibility. How I speak with partners and investors has dramatically shifted and I am now working on projects that I would not dream possible just a short time ago."
"Thank you for the immense impact you have had on my work and life in those punchy hours we have spent together the past few months. You are clear in your thinking, and with your experience and intellect behind you, I have found immense benefit. And you seem to just be a good human."
Saul Kornik
Healthforce CEO
“Ariane has been an important guide for me over the last few months. She has helped clarify and confirm some of my intuition, scrap some of my false personal beliefs, and look at chronic issues from a new angle. This has led me to a renewed understanding of what I want to do with my life”
Lorenz Wild
CEO at Strongim
“Working with Ariane is like putting a jetpack on your career path and personal happiness. With every encounter, she fills you with wisdom and thinking-points you can turn into almost immediate wins. If you want deep meaning and growth, Ariane's support will have a huge impact on your life and career.”
Lauren Procter
Head of Marketing at Jobbatical
“Ariane is brilliant at uncovering the limiting causes, beliefs, stories as to why people do what they do. I am amazed at how she does this over and over. Personally, I was single for a long time and her coaching, although tough sometimes, was exactly what led me to let go of the past and be open to the new relationship I am in.”
Anonymous Client
"Working with Ariane has allowed me to really explore and conquer the many false assumptions underlying my insecurities, focus on my strengths and abilities, and get to the root of my goals and desires. I really appreciate the person our work together has enabled me to become, both at work and in my personal life and relationships."
Sara Chipps
Stack Overflow, & Founder of Jewelbots/Girl Develop It
“Although I was hesitant at first given my position, a colleague recommended I speak to this woman called Ariane. Although she appears relaxed, fun loving and beautiful, she also has an incredible ability to get to the main issues that were blocking me in a specific area of my life. I am thrilled to have worked with her and will call upon her when I need to next.”
Anonymous Client
“Ariane helped me get through a difficult divorce with calmness, hope, and a clear head. In the end, I could see how much heart and good advice she had brought to the process.”
Anonymous Client
"Being coached by Ariane is powerful. Her unfailing commitment to Love and Truth is palpable in every session and is a force that propels growth despite any difficulty. Ariane has helped me see the “hard facts” in myself and my relationship with my husband in a compassionate, yet straightforward and highly intelligent manner and is guiding me forward into action.”
Alejandra P.
“She is a shining light for anyone who struggles to maintain balance between working and also just wanting to be happy, be more spiritual and make a difference in the world. Until I worked with her, I wasn’t sure it was possible!”
Anonymous Client
“Ariane’s coaching is some of the best I’ve ever received when thinking about leaving my job and starting a new business idea. I don’t think I could have made the leap without her guidance and cheering me on.”
Anonymous Client
“Your guidance and support has been instrumental in helping so many leader's lives, especially the women who participated in our program.”
Union Square Ventures
“Change is waiting for you right around the corner, so you might as well embrace it. Ariane shows you how. Practical and inspiring. ”
Arianna Huffington
“Your sessions were absolutely instrumental to me. Since taking them, I've been on the front page of the Sunday NYT, been interviewed on CNN, have testified in front of state congress, left my job ands I co-founded two organizations.”
Anonymous client


“Every child has a right to experience joy. The joy they were born with should always be nurtured. Ariane and her books are a gift to them and to the world. ”
Goldie Hawn
Actress & founder of MindUP
“If every child could feel and receive the incredible wisdom and nurturing that Ariane, her work and beautiful books bring, the world would be a much more loving and peaceful place.”
Shira Newmark
Progressive Early Education specialist, Founding Blue School Teacher
“Your Giggles and Joy books were exactly what I was looking for to give my pre-Kindergarten class for graduation. Thank you for filling the children’s hearts with love, gratitude, and kindness. These children’s books are classics in my library now.”
Marcia McKee
Lead Teacher at Trinity Early Childhood Center, IL
“The biggest gift you can give your children is to remind them of their spiritual nature. Giggles and Joy does exactly that!”
Lisa Miller
PhD Author of The Spiritual Child
“The Giggles and Joy series highlights for children what is good, true and beautiful, in our world, and in themselves. Sweet reads that inspire and delight!”
Susan Stiffelman
Author of Parenting Without Power Struggles and Parenting with Presence (an Eckhart Tolle Edition)
“These books are fun while being packed with meaning and life wisdom.”
Isla Fisher
Award Winning Actress
“Regardless of the spiritual path you follow, there is a treasure trove for children in these pages.”
Barnet Bain
Author of The Book of Doing and Being, Director of Milton’s Secret
“Giggles and Joy connects children to the direct source of self-worth and self-reliance existing right within their own inner spirit. I highly recommend it for anchoring children in a spiritually healthy sense of self and relating to their world.”
Michael Bernard Beckwith
Author of Life Visioning and Founder/Spiritual Director of Agape
“A delightful book series to help raise conscious kids. Parents, grandparents and teachers will appreciate the themes and guidance in these pages. And kids will love the illustrations while being reminded of their own magic and innate joy!”
Dr. Shefali Tsabary
Clinical Psychologist and NYT Bestselling author of The Awakened Family
“Charming, delightful, inspiring, and long overdue. Here is your chance to teach life’s most important lessons, at the earliest possible time, to your kids.”
Mike Dooley
NY Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities
“It’s not easy to find books with great positive messages for kids - which are both fun and offer solid life values. This series has filled that need with joy and humor. I hope many parents and teachers consider these books a must-read for their little ones.”
Karen Salmansohn
Best-Selling Author, Think Happy
“In the world we live in, I am always looking for empowering and thoughtful books for my family. The Giggles and Joy Series is a great addition to my favorite books that instill real self worth and universal values of kindness, compassion and love, in my kids!”
Michelle Gale
Mindfulness Teacher & Author of Mindful Parenting in a Messy World
“With playful and engaging illustrations and invitations, Giggles & Joy introduces young kids to a set of universal spiritual ideas and values that are so important to the development of character and kindness. A wonderful way to begin planting seeds in a fun and open way.”
Jonathan Fields
Founder of Good Life Project®
“Ariane lives an extraordinary life due to her great courage, grace, insight, and adaptive skills—the very qualities that we as parents seek to instill in our children. A constant seeker, she has journeyed from Wall Street to the heights of the Himalayas to understand herself and the world around her. Now, as a loving mother her greatest adventure, she pours all that admirable wisdom, wit and will into the delightful Giggles and Joy, inspiring kids everywhere to live boldly, joyfully, and consciously.”
Stephen Powers
Grammy-winning Producer, father of 3, CEO of Bodhi Tree
“This is so amazing and inspiring. My 4yr old niece loves them.”
“I love your books- all- particularly the issue You are Loved. So wonderful. You put core messages in joyful memorable poetry. Colorful and happy! Bravo! Congrats!”
“ My wife and I love the prayers. We haven’t known how to teach our sons life skills and about what we believe. You’ve done an incredible job capturing that.”
“ WOW!!!!!!!! Congrats. This is so good. They have become my daughter’s favorite thing to ask for at night. Can't wait to see more!”
“My daughter especially loves to read them out loud to us. She is enchanted by them. Amazing!”
“Love this!!! These are so full of heart-warming lessons. The kids really enjoy it in our school.”
“I don’t know where or how you got the idea for these illustrations! Not only are they a little crazy and hilarious, but my kids seem to find something new to laugh or look at every time!”
“I love this!! Printing it out and framing it for Gemma's room!!”
“The books are a must read for children (and adults), and have become my default gift for every new baby and child that comes through my life. I have a list of 7 friends and family who I am tickled to expose to and surprise with your books.”