The latest news and updates from Ariane

I’ve been invited to be a guest of the Heartful Academy, an amazing new organization that brings wisdom into business.

The founders who are wonderful, will be interviewing me on the subject of “How can we pursue our own dreams and manage to be great parents at the same time?”

The intersection of parenting and the rest of our lives is such an important one! Our kids need us to be happy and living in our soul choices as much as us being great parents to them.

The session is Free, so pls click here to reserve a spot.

Ariane does Masterclass for Little Humans/Mindvalley

Join A Global Family Of Passionate Parents. Ariane was invited to speak about the 4 Pillars of Raising Conscious Kids. She shares specific, practices to help share these. Topics such as intuition and navigating change for kids are some of the highlights.

Ariane speaks at Unfinished Festival on Trust

Held under the patronage of the European Parliament, UNFINISHED is a festival that mixes all fields, all ages, all social and geographical backgrounds, and all forms of exchange. The goal of this model is to encourage non-stop learning. Part festival, part talks, part art, part undefined, it is an experience in constant evolution.

#UNFINISHED20 will take place between September 27 and October 4, 2020.

Special Presentation on Navigating Times of Change

Here is a talk I gave to a company recently, sharing the 9 Principles of Change
especially as it relates to helping our young people navigate all the incredible change going on in the world.
Listen to it as my guest.

The importance of cheering yourself and others on during the roller coaster of life

I did a super fun cheering video with my friend Cameron Hughes! Listen in….we talk about the roller coaster that is life,
true friendship, how we educate our kids, what keeps us happy and the importance of cheering yourself and your friends on big time!!

How to raise children who embrace change

I did a fun hour-long conversation on parenting and raising kids.
We discussed emotional resilience, re-parenting ourselves, handling change,
why spiritual life skills are important and how to actually enjoy the whole thing!
Please watch and enjoy.

How to Teach Your Kids Kindness

I am very passionate about kindness and even more so, about self-kindness!
Your inner dialogue and that of your children literally determines so much of how we feel and
how we act in our lives. I was interviewed for this article, originally by Azoomee and was published
in Little London Magazine.

Kids Are Also Having a Hard Time

I enjoyed writing this latest article for Psychology Today. There has been much talk about how hard homeschooling and isolation is for parents….and not enough on how kids are dealing with all this.
I speak about my own experience and suggest 5 things that can help our kids navigate these challenging times.

Professional Minds Conference in South Africa March 2020

Ariane has been invited to be the Keynote speaker at a multi-day conference in South Africa, entitled Professional Minds.
Her focus will be on incorporating various life skills into the pediatric and teaching professions.
Cape Town March 8th, 2020
Johannesburg March 15th, 2020