The latest news and updates from Ariane

Professional Minds Conference in South Africa March 2020

Ariane has been invited to be the Keynote speaker at a multi-day conference in South Africa, entitled Professional Minds.
Her focus will be on incorporating various life skills into the pediatric and teaching professions.
Cape Town March 8th, 2020
Johannesburg March 15th, 2020

The Investors Summit

Ariane has been invited to attend as a special guest, at Bill Gross Idealab Investor conference in Pasadena.
This is a unique opportunity to be part of an incredible group of start up entrepreneurs and investors.
Feb 6-7th 2020, Los Angeles

Your Child’s Spiritual Nature Is a Key to Their Happiness

Here is Ariane’s latest article written for Psychology Today on Your Child’s Spiritual Nature Is a Key to Their Happiness. These 6 family traditions can help nurture a child’s spirit.

Ariane speaks on “Children and Emotions” at Mothers Ball in NYC

Ariane has been invited to speak at the Mothers Ball event at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC, Dec 14-15th, 2019.
She will be discussing life skills for kids and social/emotional learning together with Dr Harvey Karp and the founders of Slumberkins

Nature Deficit Disorder in Kids

Is the intensity of parenting wearing you down? A little help from Nature can go a long way.
Here is Ariane’s latest article written for Psychology Today on Nature Deficit Disorder in Kids.

Ariane is interviewed for World Kindness Day

Ariane was interviewed by Azoomee, the leading app in Europe for safe, fun and educational kids media.
She discussed 6 ways to raise a Kind Kid.

 Ariane keynotes the ASBO annual conference

Ariane was honored to be the keynote speaker at this year’s
Association of School Business Officials Annual event. This organization has thousands of members, all across the world and are the backbone that run all public schools. With so much change happening in the education system, she shared her thoughts on how best to implement change in an industry that is ready and ripe for transformation.

Ariane joins Meaningful Partners as a Founding Member

MP is a unique community of capital and discipline experts committed to purposeful investing and purposeful growth. They focus on consumer facing challenger brands and companies driving positive impact. Ariane will provide Executive Coaching to start-up teams that MP invest in.

One Skill You Must Teach Your Kids

Ariane writes about the importance of Intuition, why we need to include this as part of our parenting/school life and gives some practical steps about how to teach it.