Ariane helps clients through radical self-inquiry to lead a more conscious life by making needed changes in their career, health, relationships and spiritual connection. Her area of expertise is what she calls ‘whole-life coaching’, where she finds the path to integrate all aspects of someone’s life, not just focus on one.

Ariane can help you explore an aspect of your life that needs some focus and attention. Themes that can be worked on include:

  • exploring a change in career
  • work fulfillment and deeper meaning
  • tools for greater work success
  • starting a business
  • uncovering financial blocks to abundance
  • transforming your health
  • handling a health diagnosis
  • finding and creating a happy relationship
  • pursuing a dream
  • assistance during divorce/break ups
  • handling grief and hard times​
  • depression and an overall sense of meaninglessness
  • family issues
  • conscious parenting skills
  • walking a more spiritual life path​
  • writing a book​
  • fertility
“My goal is to help you understand your role and responsibility in how to change things, to ask questions so that you may find your voice, your answers, your courage and your ability to take action and to inspire a level of happiness, excitement and purpose you haven’t felt before.” — Ariane


Coaching usually takes place over Skype or Zoom at a time that is convenient for you.

She has worked with people all around the world, (from NYC to the Solomon Islands, and from Silicon Valley to Paris) with folks of all ages and walks of life, from VC’s to CEO’s, single folks to new parents, to those with a health diagnosis or wanting to find a more spiritual purpose in life.

Sessions are between 60-90mins each and usually 2x/month.

Rates are dependent on number of sessions.

Corporate Coaching / Advisory Work

Ariane can be hired to coach both individual and group sessions. She has been on retainer with various companies, helping employees during key life changes for example.

She also acts as a corporate advisor/Board member to start ups or established clients looking for a new direction or perspective, help with fundraising, talent or business development.

I have been an entrepreneur since I was sixteen and have been well aware of the loneliness of being a creator and a CEO for a while. But I never thought of having a coach because I did not believe a coach could actually understand me. Ariane changed that perception for me. Working with a bright mind who among many other things has been a founder and a CEO, has helped me tremendously. I feel that our work together has helped me become a better human as well as a stronger leader. She is also helping me to become a happier mother.
Startup CEO
Union Square Ventures
Working with Ariane is like putting a jetpack on your career path and personal happiness. With every encounter, she fills you with wisdom and thinking-points you can turn into almost immediate wins. If you want deep meaning and growth, Ariane's support will have a huge impact on your life and career.
Lauren Procter
Head of Marketing at Jobbatical