How to Help Your Child Cope When They Get Injured

An injury can teach us to be patient and gentle with life, with the body, and with each other. Being injured can be an invitation to learn about our inner worlds, such as through yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, and managing emotions.

Ariane launches Coaching Support Group for Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

More than a dozen world class coaches have offered to lead free workshops for anyone affected by the war in Ukraine.
For more info, and to sign up, please visit

KidQuest live on PR Newswire

On March 30th, KidQuest went live to the press and media world. “KidQuest Game Inspires Higher Emotional and Mental Well-Being, Invites Kids to Discover Life Lessons through Storytelling.” We are excited for the adventure ahead!

KidQuest Launches!

Ariane and her son Everest launched a new kids card game, called KidQuest.
Kids get to ask the grown ups around them all sorts of cool questions to discover who they were when they were young. Available on Amazon. Please check out the website

5 Things We Most Project Onto Our Kids

When we stop our projections, kids thrive in their own unique way.

Learning to Trust your Child and Yourself

My latest article for Psychology Today looks at the different levels of trust in parenting.

Excited to be part of the Leadership Coaching team at SuperAngel

SuperAngel is an early stage investment firm backed by some of Europe’s most successful startup founders. I am honored to be coaching many founders from their portfolio.

How founder coaching can lift humanity in the VC world

Thank you Entrepreneur Magazine for highlighting the importance of founder coaching on the start up journey, and for tackling the myths and also exponential benefits that come with coaching.

Its time to take Coaching Mainstream

What do Serena Williams, Lady Gaga and Tom Hanks all have in common? They have all had professional coaching.
In any other industry, when someone with raw talent furthers their career, the first thing they receive is a coach.
But why not in a professional business context? Start up founders and promising leaders are too often left without a coach.
Read my latest article on @TechCrunch.

Ariane keynotes Women Lead Change

Ariane will be speaking virtually at this phenomenal event for women, May 4th.