“One of the goals of our events is to provide an outside perspective to motivate and inspire our employees, both personally and professionally. Ariane brought an energy, passion and relatability that was felt not only by those in the room, but also from employees in remote locations around the world. She was a perfect complement to the theme of the event and helped set a foundational and positive tone we will refer back to throughout the year.”

Jim McGrann, President and CEO, VSP Global
“Ariane was by far the best speaker of our lineup this year at INEX. She engaged the entire audience and managed to connect with each person on a personal level throughout her talk. As organizers we felt like we hit a home run by selecting such an incredibly dynamic but very personal speaker that appealed to the left brains and right brains in the room.” Anna Kirk, Chief Strategist at Bader Rutter

Anna Kirk, Chief Strategist
Bader Rutter: Innovation Experience Conference
Ariane's session at the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy in Langa was one of the highlights of the 10-day programme. Everyone in the room was touched by her own journey and sense of purpose, and inspired to find the courage to face the changes and challenges that confronted them as individuals. She shared practical pearls of wisdom, from both her stellar VC career and her new-found purpose-filled life. One of the most compelling sessions we've ever had at the Academy.

Ian Calvert, Project Leader - Red Bull Amaphiko
Ariane de Bonvoisin was one of the presenters during Investec’s Women in Business series; she participated in three of the events. Attendees were able to relate to and connect with Ariane on a personal and professional level and could apply her messaging to their lives. She was enlightening, entertaining and uplifting, and easily able to bond with her audience through her openness and humour. Staff were grateful to have a dynamic speaker share powerful principles. They described their engagement with Ariane as real and authentic, enabling them to make positive changes in their lives.

Investec- Women in Business, August 2015
"Ariane is a breath of fresh air, talking on a subject that is relevant
to us all right now - change! She did an amazing job in demystifying and
inspiring our staff to embrace the concept, not fear it. I wholeheartedly
recommend her to all businesses who value their staff and are committed to
helping them all navigate change, whether personal or professional.
Business is dynamic, and change inevitable, so lets face it
and learn from it."

Rebecca Smeda, General Manager, John Brown Media
Ariane customized an impactful and inspiring message, for 1,400 Eye Care professionals attending the Dubai Conference. With her compelling experiences and expertise through the 9 principles from her bestselling book, The First 30 Days, Ariane helped them Navigate through Change in their optical businesses. Thank you for your impactful message. It was a pleasure working with you and I appreciate your flexibility to customize your message as well as adapt to the many touch points we required during our year long journey to bring this convention to Dubai. I learned from you and appreciate your giving back message in your presentation as well as the chapter in your book.

Stephen Shawler, Co-moderator/emcee, Essilor
At O, The Oprah Magazine's recent O You! event our magazine hosted 5,400 people, and Ariane de Bonvoisin was one of the three speakers we had lined up, with Oprah Winfrey herself, headlining. I'd heard Ariane speak before but she really brought something so special to our event. I believe her words resonated with every woman in the room because what she had to say came from her inherent authenticity, and her desire to always speak her truth. She inspired me, personally, before I took to the stage, with her mantra, ‘You are pure potential.’ It’s a message every woman, from every walk of life, needs to channel, believe and execute. We will always be thankful for her message of hope.

Samantha Page, editor in chief, O, The Oprah Magazine, SA
Ariane inspired us to think about how we can apply the 9 principles of change to any aspect of our lives. We had a jam-packed room, thought provoking questions and meaningful answers. We can all learn a thing or two about change from Ariane.

Rachael O’Meara, Google
Truly inspiring and life changing, Ariane’s talk on the nine principles of change was one of the most successful and well received events hosted by our chapter of KPMG’s Network of Women. She was passionate, articulate and engaging. Ariane successfully captivated and motivated the audience as she shared every principle, every example, and every insight with profound simplicity and authenticity. The feedback from the event was extremely positive, as many of the audience members were looking forward to leverage the nine principles to create meaningful change. Thank you so much Ariane for a memorable event and for showing us the path to change positively!

Anu Sethi, KPMG Network of Women Leadership Council
I had the good fortune hear Ariane de Bonvoisin speak this June at the 2013 Million Dollar Round Table meeting in Philadelphia, PA. Her presentation showed me a different perspective on handling change. After reading her book I have used the nine principals to smoothly navigate through the difficult changes and challenges I face in my business and personal life.

I have thoroughly enjoyed her app Mindful365. It helps me keep my daily focus on living in a state of abundance.

William M. McNamara, Partner, EPG Benefits, LLC, Member of MDRT - Top of the Table, August 2013