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Two Amazing Documentaries!

Well, you’ve probably never heard of these 2 movies! Recently, I’ve become fascinated in searching for the real, honest truth about a few topics, namely anything and everything that involves health and well being. There are so many documentaries that never get wide distribution sadly, even though there’s a real need for the public to be aware of them.

Genetic Roulette is the first movie I highly recommend. It explains in a practical, informative and very engaging way, the issues around Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s), what foods they are found in, the health consequences of having these in our food supply, the institutions behind this, the health issues and diseases that are now becoming more and more prevalent and also how to avoid eating them. Its a fascinating journey into a subject that is crucial for us all to make our own informed decisions about. For all parents, its a must-see so you understand the impact of certain foods on your kids that you’d never imagine were GMO’s. For anyone with a health challenge, weight, allergies, diabetes, inflammation of any kind, pain, please watch this movie and share it.

Vaccine Nation is the other movie to watch. If you’ve ever wondered how vaccines are made, how they work, if there are health risks associated with them, if you should get a flu shot, if you are a mom about to give birth or are thinking about having children, the information in this movie is incredible. Backed up by facts and great research, everyone will feel more informed about these issues. If you have or know of a child with autism or ADD for example, this film can also help tremendously look at something you may never have considered.

For a few of my other favorite movies, please check out the Resource page on the site.

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