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Speaking at Google

I was invited to speak at what Google calls “Author Talks” in their headquarters in Mountain View, California.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I wasn’t a little nervous. Speaking in public can still bring up all sorts of fears; fears of being good enough, fears of being liked, fears of being heard, fears of being vulnerable, fears of being in control, fears of getting my message through, fears of remembering what to say….you name it.

I’ve learnt over the years of me speaking to do a fair amount of inner work around all this which allows me nowadays to feel strong when I am invited to speak.

Mainly it comes down to getting out of my own way and focussing on the audience, how to help, how to contribute, having a conversation, just being myself.

I’ve also learnt not to try to be perfect, not to compare myself to all the other polished speakers and especially to realize that there really is no fear in speaking.

Its the mind that makes up all these scenarios.

Its an amazing feeling to really feel in flow, to feel you are ‘being used’ by the Divine, that something is speaking through you.

Very often before i go out to speak, I meditate and say many mantras…but one of them is “Speak into my words, think into my thoughts, act into my actions”, basically inviting something bigger to come through.
I surrender and let myself be open, I empty my mind and I nearly never look at my notes. I can speak for hours like this and I’m even better with questions when I have no idea about any planned answers.

Its an amazing feeling to feel an intimacy with ‘The Flow’, Grace, whatever you want to call it….to be a mouthpiece for wisdom to come through you and to help even just one person.

So, with that said, Google comes along…and yes, my mind tells me, “It’s a big deal!” Well, their campus is like an adult summer camp, yoga classes, lap pools, green juices (you know I love those) and everyone just looks so happy to be there. Its an incredible place to be.

I was taken by the wonderful woman who had invited me, Rachael, to the room where I’d be talking and got all set up. We had a packed room, mainly of men, and a lot of engineers, which is not my typical audience.

With the cameras on me, I started to talk, to share my story and the 9 Principles of Change from my book, The First 30 Days.

It was fun, it was exciting and I realized once again how much I love what I do.

I invite you to watch the video here below. And please share it with anyone you feel would benefit from it, anyone you know who is in the midst of a life change, good or challenging.

For more information on this program Google does with amazing authors, musicians, teachers, you can find out more here.

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