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Mindful365 is on its way!!

Yes it's true. I've been busy working with my amazing boyfriend Alfie, on our new little company. Mindful365 is starting with an iphone app and a daily email, that helps anyone live consciously a day at a time. The intention behind this is to finally start living and integrating all of what we know! So many of us have read the books, gone to workshops and retreats and yet struggle to live more consciously during a regular day! Yes, we can all be more spiritual and present on the weekend, or when we are in a yoga class or meditating (if we ever get round to that), or when we are on holiday and thinking perhaps about the bigger questions of life! But what about living more consciously in the midst of the daily stress of a major city? That is the challenge we set for ourselves. To come up with daily content that would help anyone, from self-described super spiritual types, all the way to people who wouldn’t be seen dead (even with a hamburger!) on a meditation cushion, to simply live a more authentic, balanced and conscious life. To be clear, we are not talking about shave your head, living in ...

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