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A Spiritual Conspiracy

The word conspiracy means really to “breathe together.” I was sent this poem and wanted to share it as it applies to so many who are part of what I call “the change movement.” Each of you is taking a stand for change, being an example whether in yourself, your family, your workplace, or your community. Thank you for what you do, who you are and your work in the world. You know who you are. On the surface of our world right now There is war, violence, and craziness And things may seem dark. But calmly and quietly At the same time Something is happening underground. An inner revolution is taking place And certain individuals Are being called to a higher light. It is a silent revolution From the inside out From the ground up. This is a global co-operation That has sleeper cells in every nation. It is a planetary Spiritual Conspiracy. You won’t likely see us on T.V. You won’t read about us in the newspaper. You won’t hear from us on the radio. We don’t seek glory. We don’t wear any uniform. We come in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles. We are in every country and culture of the world In cities big and small, mountains and valleys In farms and villages, tribes and remote islands. Most of us ...

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