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30-day Life Reboot

My good friend Holly Riddel, invited me to be on her radio show a few weeks ago and I gladly accepted. (She and I met at a small Wayne Dyer retreat at his place in Maui, a few years ago). Her show is called LIMI Soul Radio, LIMI stands for Love Is My Intention. Beyond being a great, natural interviewer and host, her passion is also about creating amazing jewelry. Check her site out, I personally have 2 rings, she calls, Inside Out rings, where the stone is actually on the inside of the ring, facing inwards. Only you know it's there. Every stone represents a divine quality: love, courage, self nurturing, passion....etc. I've worn them to big events, TV shows, and felt like it was a pact I had with myself when i looked down at my ring. She makes each ring herself, putting love and her beautiful energy into them. She decided to do a 30-day life re-boot and had hundreds of people from all around the world participating. We had a lovely conversation about what makes people really change, how to manage all the different changes we are facing in this special time of the year with so much going ...

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Speaking at Google

I was invited to speak at what Google calls "Author Talks" in their headquarters in Mountain View, California. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I wasn't a little nervous. Speaking in public can still bring up all sorts of fears; fears of being good enough, fears of being liked, fears of being heard, fears of being vulnerable, fears of being in control, fears of getting my message through, fears of remembering what to name it. I've learnt over the years of me speaking to do a fair amount of inner work around all this which allows me nowadays to feel strong when I am invited to speak. Mainly it comes down to getting out of my own way and focussing on the audience, how to help, how to contribute, having a conversation, just being myself. I've also learnt not to try to be perfect, not to compare myself to all the other polished speakers and especially to realize that there really is no fear in speaking. Its the mind that makes up all these scenarios. Its an amazing feeling to really feel in flow, to feel you are 'being used' by the Divine, that something is speaking through you. Very often before i go ...

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The Highest Pass

Well, I never really did think my backside would be prominently featured on a giant movie poster! It was never one of my life goals to be honest and yet, boom -- it has happened. I also never thought I would ever sit myself on a motorbike going 80 miles an hour! I’ve lost friends on motorbikes so you can imagine it wasn’t something I was eager to do. You know those things that you will "never do"? I call it the anti-Bucket List. Those things that you’ve decided, nope, not me. Either because it brings up fear or some other emotion you’re not really up for. I’m talking bungee jumps, speaking in public at an important event, or even something like telling that guy or girl you’ve been friends with for years that you actually have feelings for them. What is on YOUR anti-Bucket List? Back to the movie. So, riding a motorbike was on my anti-Bucket List. So when one of my best friends, Brooks, an avid rider himself, asked me if I wanted to go to the Himalayas and ride across the highest roads in the world as part of a documentary film, I said sure (that's my type ...