What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Writing a Book

Ariane’s work has been covered by Oprah magazine, The Today Show, CBS, CNN, USA Today, Business Week and many more.
Her latest ebook is a must-read for any author or aspiring author who wants to land a big publisher, write a great book and enjoy the process. Available for Kindle, nook and iPad.Ariane interviewed dozens of authors that have been published by the major publishing houses and asked them every question about: agents, advances, book proposals, contracts, writers block, editors, pub dates, your platform and email list, testimonials, pre-orders, ebooks, marketing and PR that works, mistakes to avoid and how to deal with all the challenges that show up.At only 80 pages, it’s a quick read and packed with the most relevant and up to date information.


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What People Are Saying…

“I love what Ariane has done with this book! Drawing from her own experience and in-depth interviews with dozens of authors and industry-insiders, she shares secrets, tips, advice and lays bare the mistakes we’ve all made as writers all in the name of helping aspiring writers flourish. A great resource if you’re serious about getting your book written and published.”
– Jonathan Fields
Author of Uncertainty and GoodLifeProject™ founder
“All the secrets you need to be a successful author are here. I’ve been going to Ariane for advice on publishing, agents, advances for years – One suggestion in here could help you double your advance, increase your email list or have you choose the right publisher. Basically, I wish I had this book before I pushbilsed mine. You will save time, sweat, money and frustration and actually thrive in the world of publishing.”
– Mark Thornton
Author of Meditation in a New York Minute; Super Calm for the Super Busy
“This little ebook is a treasure trove, packed with answers to all those questions that aspiring authors wonder about and don’t know whom to ask. From getting a deal with a big publisher to the advantages (or not) of having an agent, look at this as a group of accomplished authors guiding you along the way, facilitating the writing, editing and marketing process. Once you know what’s in this book, you will have a very different and most importantly more enjoyable time with the whole idea of becoming a published author”
– Steve D
Former Random House Executive

“I’ve recently started writing a series of books and am SO grateful for Ariane’s tips- she has shared so much useful information and insights that are helping me navigate all stages of the writing process- I cannot imagine a more valuable resource for aspiring authors.”

– Julie Unmacht
Former senior policy advisor in the Obama Administration and Congress, lawyer, entrepreneur and writer on social change and human progress

“Ariane’s ebook on how to get published is a no-nonsense guide for those of us who are bold enough to want to be real, published authors, but with no idea where to start. It has been an invaluable tool for me and my co-author as we embark on this journey. Ariane is a thoughtful and helpful guide who leads us on this daunting, but exciting, path.”
– Tanyella Evans
Aspiring Author
“This is a great little book of amazing tips for someone who wants to write a book and get it published. It’s like having a peer group of authors showing you the way. The information is incredibly valuable!”
– Jessica Ortner
The Tapping Solution
“Some things are too long coming.  Ariane’s ebook could have saved my sanity on my first book. Every author should mandate her wisdom in this book as their single most writing partner.”
– Andy Stefanovich
Author of Look at More
“I read somewhere (in a book about writing, I think!) that writers and authors generally have whole bookshelves dedicated to books about writing, publishing, etc. I have found this to be true, and own a few of the classics myself – this little ebook by Ariane is going right up there with the best of them. It is clear, simple, authoritative, and most important for me: reads as though it was written – as indeed it was – by a collection of knowledgeable voices with real and useful advice to impart. A great asset, thanks Ariane!”
– Melisa Trujillo
Aspiring Author