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My Top Tips for Writing a Book


I’ve published 3 books now: a book with Harper Collins (The First 30 Days), and 2 self-published books, (Pursuing your Dreams and Living Healthier). Each one of these experiences was vastly different, incredibly challenging and came with a host of lessons and things I wish I’d known.

So, what did I do? I decided to compile all the tips, advice, hard lessons and experiences of not only my own journey through the publishing world, but also those of over 30 best selling authors I interviewed as well, into a short ebook called: What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Writing A Book. I wanted to help other fellow writers, potential future writers and anyone who has found themselves struggling through the writing, publishing and marketing side of the book world!

The ebook is available for kindle, nook and ipad users and also as a PDF for non-ebook readers. Its organized into 6 easy sections:
To Write or not to Write
Signing up with a Publisher
Putting Pen to Paper
Getting ready for Publication
Launch time
Expand your Book’s reach

Everything from what to write about, whether to go traditional or self- publishing, how to find an agent, writing a great proposal, contract clauses to watch out for, negotiating higher advances, the relationship with your editor, writers block, getting amazing testimonials, PR and marketing secrets, where to spend your time and money and how to create and maximize your online platform… are covered.
This is a quick read, about 80 pages, where only the most important facts and ideas are covered so that you can get back to your writing!

10 quick initial tips to get you going on the right track:

•If you know you want to write, but you’re not sure what exactly the book should be about, talk to others, survey your friends; they know what it is you are great at.
•If you want to get a big publishers attention, focus more on an amazing proposal, than crafting an amazing book right away. (Sample proposal sections are covered in the ebook)
•If writing a book is too daunting, start with an article, a guest blog, something for a local magazine or paper. This is a great way to start building your name and get you out there.
•Once you get a publisher, the person that will make/break your book is your editor. This is your most important relationship so make sure it’s a good one. If not, ask to change asap.
•If you just want to do an e-book to get started, there are some amazing websites that can help: Vook, Lulu, Fastpencil, Smashwords, Createspace.
•Get good at speaking. This will help tremendously with press and also with you giving talks about your book later on.
•Put your own money into PR. Maybe do a book video trailer and a small website to start off.
•Start sharing your book’s journey with your online fans and friends so as to build some buzz early on. You never know who’s reading it, an editor, a journalist who may want to cover you.
•Volunteer to start speaking on local radio as an expert and author of your upcoming book.
•One of the worst mistakes new authors make, is not to stand up for what they believe and let the publishers decide everything. You must speak up as far as your content goes, the cover, press plans, ideas you have, tone of the writing and anything else you are passionate about.

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Happy writing!


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