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My “Everest”

Our gorgeous son, Everest was born on the 12 September, 2013, in Cape Town, South Africa, weighing in at 4.24kgs, nearly 9.5pounds. As I had hoped for, we had a beautiful, spiritual, natural birth.


I was excited to have a child be born here on African soil, close to the ocean.

It took us nearly a month to find a name for him. We had girls names lined up, but for some reason, boys were proving much harder.

In my meditations, I kept getting that the name was something to do with nature. That was the only clue. And so, living by the beach, I came up with everything to do with water and the earth.

Alfie and I were out one night and I saw a poster with South Africa’s first woman speaking about having climbed Everest. And the event, interestingly enough, was on my due date. For some reason, I looked at that name very differently and thought, Wow- that’s a cool boy’s name. Alfie gave me a smile, which I could not really interpret- either, “you continue to be my absolutely, beautifully crazy woman”, or “hmmm, a bit out there, but let me think about it”.

It took us 28 days… I knew, at some level that our son wanted to be called Everest. I kept asking him what his name was, this sweet little newborn, and I could not shake Everest out of my head. So, 2 days before the dedline to register his birth, Alfie declared at breakfast, Ok love, lets just call him Everest.

Now Everest is a loving, affectionate, curious and determined of course, little boy….some nights, I think I misspelled his name, and it should be Neverest….since sleep is not something he needs much of!!!

I’ve given myself the gift of taking some time off work, to love and be present with my little boy. The only exception I’ve made is to keynote the Oprah conference in Johannesburg, a month after I gave birth. Everest was in the green room with Alfie, I wore heels for the first time in a year, and I adored sharing my message with the 6000+ women in the audience.


More thoughts on being a Mom in my next blog post.

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