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Honoring a few of my Spiritual Teachers

Many people ask me who my teachers are nowadays, where do I get my guidance from, who do I listen to, read or tune into.

Well, here are two beautiful teachers of higher knowledge and truth.

Swami Purna is an extraordinary Being and my greatest teacher. Originating from India, his teachings go beyond any religion. He isn’t well known in the West, preferring to stay under the radar, so I remain in awe and gratitude of how our paths crossed. He has written a couple of books on all aspects of the spiritual path and has recently been doing retreats and talks. I would not miss them for anything. For more information, visit There is a wealth of material on this website!

Patrick Connor has been a friend and teacher for over a decade now, Patrick has dedicated his life to understanding how to liberate the human spirit from suffering, conditioning, mistaken beliefs and the mind’s tenacity. He has studied every tradition and now teaches a universal path to the Divine. I love him dearly.

Other teachers I find myself often watching on youtube these days: Bruce Lipton, Mooji, Adyashanti, Byron Katie and I just recently did Deepak’s 21 Day Meditation course. Everyone is a source of guidance and wisdom. Since the mind is so tricky, sometimes hearing the same thing in the mouth of someone else can mean that a massive insight finally lands!

Who are your teachers on this beautiful Path?

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